Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Joys of Being a Teacher

Today my class of 3rd graders disected owl pellets. They were a little nervous about touching the pellets. I reassured them that it was ok because the science company that sent the pellets steralized them. They wanted to know how, so I told them I  didn't know exactly but thought they probably heated them up somehow like in a microwave type device. They were good with that explanation. We had a great time finding all kinds of rodent bones. After is was all over and everything was cleaned up, the office called and told me to send a little girl down to leave with her mom. I did. A few minutes later the office called me and asked me what in the world we had just done in science? The little girl reported to the office staff and her mom saying, "Guess what we did? Mrs. Robertson cooked rats and we got to take them apart!" Hmmm...interesting what little kids hear.