Thursday, March 13, 2014

Highlights of the last 4 months...

Christmas in Wyoming!
After many flight cancelations and delays we finally arrived in  Cowley on Christmas Eve around 9:30 pm.

Christmas Morning! Abby was our only child that was able to be with us this year.  We spent Christmas morning with Grandma Flash and Bob.
On December 27, 2013 we had the opportunity to attend the weddings of our Nephew and Niece in the Billings, Montana LDS Temple. It was a beautiful day!

Sam and Ailina Davidson

Chris and Susie Brinkerhoff
I thought it was very kind of them to choose to get married on the same day in the same temple  a couple of hours apart.:) It was especially fun for me to get reacquainted with the Brinkerhoff family. That family played and continues to play a significant roll in the Whiteman family.

After celebrating Christmas and weddings in Wyoming, Abby and I made our way to Idaho! I was freaking myself out about snowy slick roads (I am a Texas driver now) but luckily we had perfect roads all the way, even Island Park was good!
We drove past the old house. It looked so empty. Our name was still on the mailbox!

We got to spend over a week in Wendell/Buhl with Paige's family.

Isaac and Kandace drove over from Boise and we rang in the New Year with them! Happy 2014!! On January 3rd we spent the day in Boise. What a delight it was to go to the Boise LDS Temple with Kandace.
We forgot to take pictures when we came out of the temple so I snapped this one when we were stopped at a red light.

January 9th found us back on the road to Idaho Falls. Eric was flying in that evening in preparation for Isaac's wedding. We were able to visit our good friends, the Johnsons. We really miss them! Also, Abby, Paige, and me spent the day in the beauty shop getting our hair done for the wedding. Oh how I have missed Jen Polson! She knows just what to do with my mane. We spent all day Friday decorating for the wedding reception.

Wedding Day! January 11, 2014
We were so worried about the weather. The forecast was for strong winds, rain/snow. Hey it is Idaho in January. However, mother nature smiled on us for a good part of the day and all of our wedding guest were able to travel safely, we were able to get some good photos outside the temple and all was well.
Just coming out of the temple...the new Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Robertson
The Groom...when did my boy get old enough to get married?

For Time and All Eternity

I love this picture!

Beautiful Bride!

Photo with the grandparents. So glad they were able to brave the roads and come.

With some of Isaac's siblings. We miss Bailey and Miranda!

Almost all of us. Bailey's family was unable to come since she was too close to having a baby and Miranda is on her mission in Japan.
February: New Baby Oliver arrives!

February 26, 2014 our fourth grandchild arrives. Oliver Robertson Clark. He is our second grandson and the second boy for Bailey and Chad.
Oliver Robertson Clark
7lbs. 13oz.

Looking at Grandma and probably wondering, Who is this crazy lady?

Playing with Miles. We lined up all his cars and trucks many many times!

Miles laying on the quilt that Bailey and I made for Oliver.

We went to the mall one day and Miles picked me to ride the carousel with him, yippee!
 Happy 23rd Birthday Isaac Whiteman Robertson!
What a cute baby you were!

Well, there you have it. Our lives for the past couple of months in a nutshell. Looking forward to April when grandbaby number 5 arrives.
Life is Good!