Monday, October 22, 2012


Paige and her cute little girls came to Idaho Falls last week to help me paint the inside of my house. We have lived in this house for 13 years and needless to say the walls and trim where getting pretty dinged up. Plus it needed new paint in preparation of putting it on the market. I tried to match the paint that is already here so that I wouldn't have to paint every room. I got pretty close. My walls are now "toast" color. I would say they are more bread than toast. If you didn't know I painted you would not be able to tell a difference except for the walls look cleaner and the trim looks clean.
 The stair well was especially bad. Whenever I get sick of Abby and Miranda's shoes piling up in the entry way, I chuck them downthe stairs. Hence all the scuff marks. I won't be doing that anymore.
 Another before shot of the trim going down the stairs.
 Wall and trim painted! It looks so much better.
 Paige rolling on the new paint. I was concerned about this wall since at the peak it is 15 feet. I wasn't sure if we could get up that high. Thanks to a handy dandy ladder we rented the task was completed.
 The other hard part was edging the stairwell. Paige was brave. She said it wasn't bad if you didn't look how far down the bottom of the stairs were. Of course cute little Leslie was on hand to check things out. We kept her pretty busy making us pretend food out of Play Doh. She makes a pretty good blue hamburger.
 This is Paige up the tall ladder. She is touching up the ceiling. There were spider guts up there and we painted over them. And while we had the tall ladder we vacuumed the ceiling. There were a lot of cobwebs up there!
This is the back wall in the livingroom. The new paint looks a lot lighter than the old, but it actually dries very close to the old.
Now after looking at these pictures, one might think Paige did all the work. I actually helped too. Paige is just the expert at edging so she edged the top edges and was up on the ladder. I edged the bottom edges where I could crawl along the floor and take my time. I am not nearly as patient as Paige when it comes to details. (Thank you Dist. 91 summer paint crew for teaching her how to be a great painter!)
I really appreciate that I have such great kids that are so willing to help me out. Isaac took his machete to the yard and cut down all the dead hollyhocks and sunflowers. He also mowed and weed whacked the grass and it was tall grass. I though we might need to bring in a baler for the clippings.
The next big project will be new carpet in the family room downstairs, bedrooms and upstairs hallway. Too bad we are doing all this so someone else can enjoy it. The house will go on the market in Feb. or March. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bear Lake

Eric and I have been condo owners for several years. We don't really use it all that much so we had some points to spend. I decided that we should go somewhere close for a fun, but relaxing weekend. We invited the family to join us and off we went to Bear Lake. Our plans were to play games, watch general conference, and enjoy the fall colors.
 Waiting to check in to our condo and Isaac decided to be a daredevil.
 I was too slow on the camera button, but here is Isaac after he jumped.
 Getting ready to play a game while we wait for Paige's family to arrive.  For some reason Miranda wanted us to act like gansters.
 Yeah! Paige's family arrived. Leslie is showing Grandpa (Pop Pop) a game on the ipad.
 Brooke is showing us her trick. She can sit alone.
 Pop Pop is teaching Leslie how to play Solitaire the old school way; not on a computer or ipad.
 On Saturday after morning conference we went for walk at the marina. Miranda journeyed out onto the boat docks.
 Brooke and Abby on the walk. Brooke makes the best faces!
 Grandpa and Grandma with Leslie.
 Paige and Brent with their cute little girls.
 After our time at the lake, a few of us went for a drive in the Logan canyon. We stopped to look out at the lake from the top of the mountain. I think this could be an album cover with Micon acting as the lead.
 Lovely fall colors.
 Burning bush.
 Abby and Leslie having a sleepover at  the condo.
Another cute face brought to you by Brooke.