Friday, February 15, 2013

Dance, Dust & Darlings

Last weekend Abby and Micon went to the Sweetheart dance. This was a girl's choice dance. Abby invited a boy named Mitchell and Micon asked another exchange student. His name is Yoshke and he is from Japan. Since Micon can't drive, Eric and I spent the evening driving them around.

On Monday, Paige, Bailey and their kids came to Idaho Falls to help me with some of the bigger cleaning jobs I have on  my list. They arrived in the afternoon. We didn't get much done that day. On Tuesday we jumped in... Bailey and I tackled the kitchen. I wanted to clean out the cupboards and organize them in case a buyer comes in and opens them. Amazing how much more room I have since we dejunked. In the meanwhile Paige tackled the job of painting the master bath. It looks so much better. We also dusted the silk plants and the tops of the cupboards. Yuck! There was a lot of dust up there.
Bailey out did herself... my spices are alphabetized!

Old pans that I haven't used in years are gone!

Dusting the silk plants..All the other stuff on the counter was the growing DI pile.

And finally, my little darlings.... I love my grandkids!
Miles was at the bottom of the stairs and Leslie and Brooke were at the top looking down.

I know it is blurry but it has a good story behind the photo. Miles wanted to bring the chair upstairs but his mom wouldn't let him so he set it up at the bottom on the stairs and sat in it while looking up the stairs. He was prettty cute.
Valentine's Day came and went. I sure miss my sweetie! What a nice surprise to have the doorbell ring and beautiful roses arrive. He's a keeper! Can't wait until we are together again.