Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random thoughts

1. Not all Root Beer is created equal. Shasta root beer is the worst!!
2. Why is this 50 year old still breaking out with zits? I mean come on!!
3. I have some fantastically talented friends in Texas that totally rock at home decorating. That is           definitely NOT my forte. Those sweet ladies went and staged our home that has been on the                 market for nearly 9 months and it looked so good. I loved it. I also realized that I basically suck at       home decor. Oh well, I think I have talents in other areas....I'll have to think what they are??
4. I miss mountains!
5. I'm tired of this hot summer. Heat index over 100 for too many days. I'm melting....
6. There is possibly light at the end of the house selling tunnel. Counteroffer is on the table. I could         feel happier about that news if we hadn't had to drop the price so dang much just to get some               lookers.
7. Collecting permission forms for our youth for youth conference and YW camp is killing me. There      has to be a better way.
8. Hot bread just out of the oven is divine.
9. The girls running in the 1500m olympic trials don't wear very much.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Enough is enough!

Until recently I would not have classified myself as a control freak, but I am deciding that maybe I am one. In the process of selling our home, I have very little control and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! So come on people, the house has been on the market for nearly 6 months and we've reduced the price $90,000!   I can only control the selling price and then have faith that everything else will work out as it should. I wonder who is more weary of my pleading, our realtor or Heavenly Father...I have bent both of their ears a lot.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Apartment living..

Would it be considered rude for me to purchase a pair of soft slippers for our upstair neighbor to wear when she is walking around at 5:00 AM? High heels on tile floors at that hour are LOUD!! And it happens every single morning, weekends excluded thankfully.

The new neighbors on the right are very nice people. They have a huge, but friendly dog named Josie. I like Josie, except for when Josie makes noise during the night that I can't hear, but that our dog, Millie can, and such noise precipitates the need for Millie to voice her opinion. (Maybe that is why the lady upstairs who wears high heels on tile floors, seemed to stomp around a little bit more this morning)  I  do get up and give Millie a stern tongue lashing for her part in the midnight din. But what's a poor dog to do when she hears rustling around outside?

And really, do people need to come and go at all hours of the night? And when they come, do they really have to lock their car with the remote so that all the apartment residents can hear the unmelodic sound of their car horn as it signals that yes, indeed the doors on the Honda CRV are securely locked? For Heaven Sake, just push the button on the door if you're coming in at 3:00 AM and spare those of us that are trying to sleep the racket.

Back to Millie....every single time she needs to go out, I have to go out too because there is no just opening the back door and letting her run free to do her duty. No, every time  we have to find the leash and lock up the apartment (while Millie is pulling full force on the leash and I'm trying to fit the key in the hole) so we can go and explore for just the right patch of grass that is acceptable to for her to relieve herself. At which time, we dutifully pull out the little green sack to pick up the doggy poo and place it in the poo receptacle. I have determined that not all dog owners that live in our apartment complex are as considerate. And by the size of the piles, I am pretty sure it is the owners of the large dogs or the owner of the small dogs that have intestinal problems that skip this common courtesy and rule specifically listed in the lease! (Josie's owners are thankfully some of the considerate ones. Thank goodness because Josie is a great dane, and I suppose looking at her size, her piles are bound to be big ones)

I am not totally ungrateful for our living situation. I do thank my Heavenly Father daily that I have a roof over my head; just not that there are high heels walking around on that roof.

There, with all that being said......Please, oh please someone buy our house in Texas so we can escape the life of apartment living.