Sunday, October 30, 2011

Salsa and other stuff.

Happy 50th Birthday to Eric! We spent his day making Salsa and drying apples. And obviously from the pile of dishes behind him, washing dishes. That was my job.
Eric and I both took a day off from work and we stayed home and made salsa. When it was all said and done we had 28 pints of medium salsa and 28 pints of hot salsa. The hot isn't really that hot, but since it is the one that we put the ceyenne peppers in we called it hot. Both are very good and I am glad to have salsa back in my food storage. The only bad part was we had to buy tomatos. We had tomotos in our garden, but when the bulk of them were ripe the peppers weren't ready and then we had a couple of hard freezes so our tomatos were not good.  We have also been drying a lot of apples. We dried pears too this year and they are yummy. We canned apple pie filling and Eric canned a few quarts of pears. (Bless his heart). That was one of the chores he gave himself on one of his Fridays off. He found out it wasn't very much fun to can stuff alone and so he only did enough pears for 3 quarts.  Here are some pictures of the salsa.

I love the color and texture of fresh salsa. I wish I could also post the wonderful aroma that was coming from this pot.