Monday, July 22, 2013

Random stuff

 4th of July
The Girls waiting for the fireworks to start.
 Still waiting for the fireworks to start. We missed being in Idaho Falls for the 4th. Although this was fun, it wasn't the greenbelt and it certainly wasn't the Melaluca Freedom Celebration.
 Watching the fireworks. Notice above the girls heads there are some fireworks in the distance. Here in this part of Texas, every community has their own show, so there were firework displays going off all around us. We were watching the Katy show at the Katy Mills Mall.
 Spent the day at the beach then drove the length of Galveston Island. I think the houses up on stilts are cool to look at. Someday I hope to rent one and spend a day or two on the beach.
Enjoying some pool time.
July 17, 2013 One last family photo before sending Miranda off  to the MTC. Of course we miss Paige's family, Bailey's family and Isaac. Miranda is ready to get to work!
We are getting adjusted to our new lives here in Fulshear, TX.  The house is nearly all put together. The dinning room table and chairs arrived on Saturday. Eric and I have been putting them together. I finally got it all set up this morning. Now we just need some visitors to come and visit us so we can have a dinner at the big table and play some games.
Our church ward is huge! The primary presidency was just reorganized and they have so many kids that they call a president and 3 counselors and a secretary. There are at least two classes of every age group. 30 kids in the nursery!! No family is ever the "new" family for very long. We've been in the ward for a little over a month and every Sunday a new family has spoken in Sacrament meeting. We have met people from Rock Springs, Green River, and Kemmerer. Our Relief Society President has family in Boise and come to find out one of Isaac's new roommates is her youngest brother. (She is a Davidson by marriage).  The ward is full of people in the petroleum business. Eric is in 7th heaven being able to talk to people about his work and they understand what he does. That never happened in Idaho!
We are looking forward to going into Houston this Friday to watch "Wicked." It is the first time any of us have experienced a Broadway play. Abby bought herself a plane ticket to Idaho so she will leave on Saturday to go spend some time with friends. Paige and Brent will pick her up on their way to the Ralph and Mary Robertson Family reunion. Eric and I will drive there starting next Tuesday. We are so excited to see everyone. After we return from the reunion our kids will all be coming to Texas to visit us. I can't wait!! Then Abby and I will travel to Laramie to get her settled in the dorms to begin her Freshman year at the University of Wyoming. (Go Pokes!) I plan to spend some time in Evanston with my parents.
When I get back from Laramie/Evanston Eric and I will officially be empty nesters. Hmm....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Beginnings..Welcome to Texas!

We have had a busy month of June. Here are the highlights.
Seminary Graduation
June 2, 2013

Almost everyone...Missing Bailey, Chad, Miles, and Brent.

High School Graduation -June 5, 2013

Abby with Jesse Grandpa and Kay Grandma

Best Friends (this makes me happy)

Proud parents with the awesome graduate
You did it Abby! Watch out University of Wyoming- Here she comes!

Last time Paige, Brooke, Leslie and Isaac would ever be at our Idaho Falls house.

June 9, 2013 Last picture of Abby and Miranda at our Idaho Falls house.
They were off on their first big road trip to Laramie, WY.

Sad empty of all of our furniture, but the memories will never go away!

Eric and Marie...our last picture in the house. We staged it in front of the fireplace where all the important shots were taken. I look like I had been crying...that is because I was! As I walked through the empty house and took pictures of each room I sobbed like a baby. I was also dirty and tired from packing and cleaning. And I was sick...

One last look at the house that we built. We spent 14 wonderful years raising a family here. I love how green everything is.

One last Idaho sunset!

Welcome to Texas! We arrived on June 13, 2013. Our furniture arrived on June 15th. We slept on blow-up mattresses. We had no refrigerator so we had (got) to eat out for every meal. We spent the time playing card games...hard wood floors are not very comfortable.

We spent the week unpacking and decided to spend the weekend doing something fun. We headed to downtown Houston the museum district. We went to the Holocaust museum. It was very interesting, but I left feeling rather blue. We then headed over to the arboretum.  

Here we are walking/playing on one of the trails. It was cool to see the natural plants of Texas.

It was hot (duh..this is Texas) and sunny. I found a great straw hat in the gift shop.

We came across this bird on our walk. She must have been protecting her nest. She was all curled up, but when a squirrel came close she rose up spread her wings. She stayed perfectly still except for her throat twitching.

Now it is July and we are pretty much all moved in. All of the boxes are unpacked and even hauled away. We are experiencing things here in Fulshear (40 miles west of downtown Houston) that we have never had to worry about when we were in Idaho. We are now signed up with a bug company that comes to our house every three months and injects chemicals into the walls of our house to keep termites and other bugs from getting in. We had to install a water softener (oh how we miss our Idaho well water). We keep getting notes from the yard Natzi about weeds in our front yard.

We have very nice neighbors. Very different from Idaho where members of the church live in every other house. I don't know where the closest member even lives. We have to drive 25 minutes to get to church. Our ward is large. I don't know how many members, but I was told that there are 174 kids in the primary. Miranda and Abby have been attending our ward with us, but they go to young single adult activities and institute with other YSA from our ward/stake. They went to an Astros game on Saturday.

Miranda is preparing to leave for the MTC in a couple of weeks. She is a bit nervous, but I think mostly just ready to get going on this mission.

Here's to new adventures and beginnings!!