Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going to Philly!

Paige, Leslie and I are flying to Philly tomorrow to hang out with Bailey, Chad and the new baby..if he ever gets here! I am excited to fly with Paige and Leslie. This will be their first time on an airplane. I hope Leslie does well, and if not, I hope the other passengers are patient.

What a blessing it has been to me to have a student teacher! Taleea is wonderful. She is doing a super job and is a natural at teaching and discerning student needs. She has the lesson plans written and ready to go and will be teaching the class while I am gone. That relieves so much stress for me. I still had to get a substitue, but her job will be to help Taleea. It will be the easiest sub job she has ever had.

I hope the next time I post something here it will include pictures of new little baby boy Clark. I think his name is going to be Miles Chad Clark, but Bailey said not to embroirdery it on anything because they want to see him first before they settle on a name for sure.

Bon Voyage!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our First Honey Harvest!

On Labor Day we harvested our honey for the first time. It was exciting and we had no idea what to expect. Paige, Brent and Leslie came over  to help. Miranda also had some friends over that were intereted in seeing the process. I worried that it would take a long time and we would be up half the night doing honey and I would have to get up and go to school the next day. That is not the case. Eric started getting into the hives around 10 am and we were done with the extracting and filtering by 3 pm. And that was with a lunch break.
Here are a few pictures that we took to document the day.  

The Bee Whisperers - Getting ready for the harvest.
Eric, Brent and Frankie
Eric very carefully brushing the bees off of the frame.

Paige enjoying some honeycomb. This was before we had to go inside because of angy bees.


Some capped honey about to go under the heated knife.
Leslie really liked to dip her finger in the honey. She thought it was tastey!

Honey pouring out of the extractor and into the first filter.

The final filtering of the honey.

I am not sure if my kitchen floor will ever be the same.
We mopped it twice the day we harvested and I still find sticky spots.
We are enjoying the honey and have sold much of it.