Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Signs of spring at the 208!

This afternoon I ventured out into the yard. It was in the upper 40's and the wind was NOT blowing. Since the snow is almost completely melted the yard is not looking very good. I thought I would see if I could spruce it up a little just in case a potential buyer comes along... Only in Idaho or maybe Wyoming would you have the snow blade on the front of the 4 wheeler and the lawn sweeper on the back. I should have taken a picture!

Bailey and I piled all of the sunflower and corn stalks up. Calling all EPR family pyromaniacs to come home this weekend and torch this pile. I will supply the marshmallows!

The snow was piled up about 4 or 5 feet in this spot. This is all that is left.

The last of the snow on the North side of the house. Yea!

After I raked the dead leaves away, there were green hollyhocks poking out.

I have spotted some spring bulbs starting to come up.

This is NOT a pretty sight...bees with diarrhea! I guess I am glad they can hold it all winter, but they sure make a mess of their hive come sping time. (Not usually this bad...we didn't medicate them in the fall as we should have)

This is one of our pussy willow bushes. The bees will be very happy in a few weeks when it blooms.
Eric will be home this weekend and the temps are only going to be in the 30's on Friday. Every weekend he is home the weather is cold. I think he prays for it to be that way so he gets out of doing my list of outdoor 'honey-dos." Actually I know he would be happy to get out and do some yard work. He is really good when it comes to the yard.

On another note...the first week the house was on the market we had lookers almost every day. Sometimes it even showed a couple times a day. Last week it only showed once and so far this week we haven't had anyone call. No offers yet, but I am confident the right one will come at the right time!

Friday, March 1, 2013

And the Answer is.....

Leaving July 17

Miranda's Exciting Day!

A few weeks ago Miranda turned in mission papers. The bishop told us that the call was issued on Feb. 22 so we have been anticipating her call arriving in the mail. We though it would come on Thursday, Feb. 28th, but when I checked the mailbox there were only bills..rats!! Miranda came home from college this weekend so she could go to the oral surgeon to get her wisdom teeth out.
This morning the phone rang and it was our mail carrier (whom we have never personally met). She called to let us know that she would be delivering a mission call today. Talk about exciting!! The only bad part is Miranda wants to wait until Isaac can get here from Boise. He should arrive around 10 pm. Also this is NOT Eric's week to come home so we will be including him via Skype and Paige and Bailey will be on the ipad doing facetime. Modern technology is so cool! The waiting is driving me crazy! I want to peek in the envelope.
Happy girl...She knows the call is coming today!

Just a little excited! She camped out by the mailbox.

Notice she didn't even let the mail lady get to the mailbox. She was so excited!

Photo with the nice mail lady, Angela. She wants us to leave a sticky note in the mailbox to let her know where she is going.

Trying to get a sneek peek.

Here it is!
After our exciting time at the mailbox we headed to our favorite oral surgeon, Dr. Hicks. He was very impressed with Miranda's healthy mouth. Two bottom wisdom teeth removed and now she is set to go.
Checking to see if her cheeks are swollen.

Icing her cheeks. Not looking quite as excited as earlier in the day.
As soon as the call is opened we will update the blog and other media sources so everyone in the world will know where she is headed.

Abby is done with Personal Progress!

Abby used her day off of school (President's Day) to finish up her last project for personal progress. She decided to sew a skirt that would be modest to wear to the temple. Then on Tuesday night she went to the temple and wore her new skirt.
Cutting out the pattern pieces (who taught that girl to match socks?)

Laying the pattern out and getting ready to cut.

Finished product! Yea, Abby!
She will receive her medallion in church on Sunday and then there is a Stake recognition night on Tuesday. (I better remind her to prepare her talk).