Sunday, April 28, 2013

March On....

I was downloading pictures from my camera and realized that a lot has happened since the end of March. So brace yourself this could turn into a long blog.

All of our kids came home in March. We had a good time together. I tried really hard not to be too stressed out about the mess that the house always becomes when we are all together. I made a rule that no one could make any messes  that couldn't be cleaned up in 10 minutes. This was just in case someone called to see our house. No one called and we were not forced to see if we could actually put things back together in 10 minutes. (Although I think we could have. We are good "Voomers")

While together Brooke had a birthday! She turned 1. It was so fun that she could be at grandma's house for her birthday.
A friendly game of Nertz. Not easy to do with a baby in the middle. The extra girl by Isaac is Isaac's girlfriend, Kandace.
Leslie made sure everyone got a party hat. Miles is making sure Uncle Isaac wears his properly.
Best present...a box of  kleenex that she didn't get in trouble for pulling all of them out. 1 year olds are so easy to amuse!

Spring Break happened next...I think I already posted pictures of that fun event. After Spring break the house selling kicked into full gear. We ended up getting two offers which made it nice but crazy. In the end we got almost everything we asked for. The most important part was we negotiated a closing date that was after Abby's graduation. Whew!! House sold, house bought. Marching on.......
Miranda had a birthday on April 11. She left her teen years behind her..the big 2-0!!Unfortunately, she at college so I didn't get any pictures of her blowing out her candles. Now I only have 1 teenager. Then on April 21 Abby celebrated her 18th birthday. We had a very fun weekend as everyone was able to come home again.  Everyone arrived Friday evening. On Saturday we were all able to go the the Idaho Falls Temple to be with Miranda as she made covenants with Heavely Father in preparation for her mission to Japan. What a lovely day despite the rain! That evening we went to Johnny Carinos for a big family dinner. I love being with my kids!!

The next important event in our lives was Abby had to orally present her senior project to a panel. She aced it! I knew she would. Now she can graduate. That will happen on June 5.

On Saturday Abby and I decided to go to Buhl for a picnic and some fishing. Isaac and Kandace met us there too. Micon stayed in Idaho Falls for an EF activity. We went to a park that was next to a fish hatchery. Lots of people were there but we found a spot under a tree and cooked some hot dogs. Fun, Fun!! Here are some pictures from the day.

Our spot under the tree. Let's get that grill going!


Isaac and taken by Miles. Maybe he will be a future photographer.
Brooke! What a cute face. This girl takes after her grandma...she loves food!

Look at all that food...but most importantly the fantastic cheesecake Bailey made.

Grandma and Brooke..she really was happy to be on my lap. 
Clark Family 

Naked, naughty Miles. I snapped this photo when he was not minding his parents (and it serves Bailey right). They thought he was naughty. I thought he was perfect...

Meet Leslie Pinecone Cummings. If you don't believe me that that is her name, just ask her.
After our fun day at the park we went back to Paige's. They have neighbors that have pigglets. We went over there to see the babies. Pigs in the barn stink. But the babies were cute in a strange way. The family was raising a few piglets in the house and we got to hold them.
This little piggie went to market...
 Abby said a piglet is almost as good as a puppy..she is not getthing either one!
 Leslie liked the piglets as long as her mom held it.
 Miles didn't really care about the piglets.
 This little piggy snuggled right up to Bailey. They were surprisingly soft.
After the pig viewing we drove to the edge of the canyon. It was a great view.

 Looking into the Snake River Canyon
Well that is our life up to today. I was thinking when I titled this blog that these were events from the month of March onward, but perhaps it would be better to think of it as life keeps handing us adventures so we must "March On!" 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - We found a house in Texas!

When I finally move to Texas I will have a house to move into! During Spring break we made it our goal to find a house. We looked at a lot of resale houses, but in the end we ended up choosing a new construction. We found that you get more bang for your buck with new construction, you know what you're getting and they are very energy efficient. I forgot to take the camera so I had to take pictures with my iPad.

I will have to post more house pictures when I can figure out how to get them from the iPad camera roll.
 In the mean time here are some photos of some of the fun we had. These were taken on Eric's phone...I have no idea how they got to my iPad but I am glad they are there.
Abby and Eric swimming in the Apartment pool

White tiger at the Downtown aquarium...shouldn't we be looking at fish at an aquarium?

Eric and Marie at the Cubs vs. Astros last exhibiton game

Museum of Natural Science...Look it's long lost Uncle Neanderthal.

Isaac, Abby, Marie, Miranda wading in the Gulf of Mexico

Wave jumping! The Gulf of Mexico at Galveston

Houston Temple