Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We are on spring break this week. The week sure has gone by fast. Paige and Brent were on break last week so they were here in Idaho Falls visiting. When they went back to Wendell, Abby went with them. Eric had to work so mostly it was just Miranda and I  home doing our thing. It felt good to have a week to just chill. I did have a few goals to accomplish over the break. 1. Clean my bedroom. It was really out of control with laundry and ironing. 2. Buy a new car  3. finish Mirnada's senior quilt  4. Go to the temple. Sad to say I only accomplished two out of the four....

Here are some pictures of our trip to Wendell. We got out and did some sight seeing around the area. It was a very lovely day; lots of sunshine and heat!
 Our first stop was one of the many fish hatcheries. This one had a pretty cool viewing pond that you could look from the top or through  glass from below the pond.
 This is a very big sturgeon.
 This is a very cute girl!
 Four beautiful girls sitting on green grass, in front of blooming daffodils. The sun in shinning!
 Second stop, a hot springs swimming area that has alligators on the premises.
 Apparently it is a lucrative business to raise alligators in the Hagerman area. Lots of fish farms that provide fish guts to feed the gators.
Third stop the state fish hatchery. I thought these were large gold fish. Eric assured me that they are golden trout.
 Getting a good view of the trout tanks.
 Another alligator farm. We spotted at least six gators in this fenced in area.
 Next stop, Filer High School. There was track meet going on. We wanted to say Hi to DJR.  
Now I know why I try to control the camera. I let Eric use it for a minute and I end up in a picture. I hate to be reminded of how old and frumpy I look.  Miranda, Abby and Me in front of Shoshone Falls.

 Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls Idaho. I have read about these falls when I was teaching Idaho history. It was fun to finally get to see them. They are beautiful.

 More pictures of the falls. We walked on a trail and took pictures at all the different vantage points.

 On the drive to the restaurant we passed the Twin Falls temple. I took this picture out the front windshield, hence the bugs.
 Sisters...we miss Bailey.
Two handsome men. We miss Chad and Isaac.