Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

One of the best things about being together is playing games. This past week was filled with Boggle, Monopoly, Quizzler, Wii, and Yatzee! Here are Miranda and Isaac playing a Monopoly card game.
 Turkey Trotters - Paige, Eric, Miranda, Marie, Isaac, Brent, Remmi and Leslie carrying on a Ralph Vernon Robertson Thanksgiving day tradition. We went on a 2.5 mile loop near our house.
 Grandpa Eric (Pop-Pop) reading a story to Leslie. Miranda is listening in too!
 Brooke is entertaining the crowds. She was very happy to wear Uncle Isaac's hat.
 Isaac is trying very hard to turn Brooke into a gangster. She is just too cute!
 On the Friday after Thanksgiving we headed to Pine Creek Pass to cut Christmas trees. There was not very much snow. It was such a nice day, we ended up shedding our coats, gloves and hats.
 Miranda chopped her own tree down. She wanted one for her apartment in Pocatello. What a woman!
 Leslie really wanted to play in the snow...too bad there wasn't much.
 Eric and Brent...real manly men! The carried our trees down the mountain.
 Brent, Leslie, Remi and Brooke pose by the downed tree for a family shot.
 Our truck is in Texas so we took the Durango up to haul the trees. We were hoping someone would see how great this vehicle is and want to buy it. We don't want to take it to Texas with us.
 Leslie helped decorate the trees. She wanted her picture taken by the tree in the piano room. I love putting the Santas that my very talented sister-in-law hand carved for me on the tree. I look at each one. They all have their own little personality.
Leslie wanted to pose by this tree too, but she thought it was more fun to stand on Isaac. Notice the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. In hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be here.
Now it is Monday and everyone has gone home. Micon and Abby or off to school and I am left in a very quiet house. I am slowly getting things back in order. I stopped to blog when I was putting the camera away. Many of my friends have been posting what they are grateful for on Facebook. I wrote a grateful list a little while back and I thought I would add it to this blog. It is a long list to bare with me.
My Grateful List (in no particular order)
Eric, Paige, Brent, Leslie, Brooke, Bailey, Chad, Miles, Isaac, Miranda, Abby, Micon, Blue (even though he is gone), good parents and in-laws, extended family, food, church, padded benches in church, temples, priesthood, my temple marriage, scriptures, prophets, friends, education, a good job, atonement, repentence, hot water, cars that work, computer/internet, chocolate, missionaries, electricity, Pres. and Sister Dias (they took care of my son for 2 years), music, tv, advil, modern medicine, tooth paste, beds, cell phone, ability to read, sight, curling irons, sacrament, FHE, Nursery kids, toilet paper, patio swing, seasons, fireplaces, mountains, health, stars, sunshine crock pots, nexium, Holidays, home and visiting teachers, good neighbors, Christmas lights, dishwashers (especially when everyone is home), vacuums, washer/dryer, indoor plumbing, remote control, happy people, Fred Meyer, kids who try, make up, slippers (I just threw my favorite pair away since the bottom had a hole..hint hint kids. New slippers are on my Christmas list), animals, flowers, temple recommend, Sunday treats, good books, warm clothes, resteraunts, Book of Mormon, Airplanes (especially when they are on time and bringing my husband back to Idaho), good nights rest, the color green, Chocolate ice cream, bandaides, Eric's singing voice, Pioneers, games, Matha cat, University of Wyoming, finances that meet our needs, new running shoes, new carpet. I am pretty sure this list could go on and on....But since this blog is getting long, I will stop now. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

(2 weeks ago)

I was heading out this morning to go walk around the greenbelt and I was pleasantly surprised to find a bald eagle perched in one of our trees. He was polite enough to sit in the tree while I ran back in to get the camera. What an appropriate day for him to visit.

On a different note. I was walking 3 - 4 times a week, but I took a week off when Paige was here to help me paint. A week off turned into more like a month off. So today I strapped on my shoes and headed out. It was a beautiful fall morning. One again I was reminded that I enjoy going for walks and that all the little things that I have to deal with (broken garage door openers, and cupboard doors) really are insignificant.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Micon went out with some friends to experience Halloween in America. She had a lot of fun and got lots of candy (which she shared). Abby and I went to dinner at Olive Garden and then to Walmart. I am not sure who was in costume and who was not, but at least for one night it didn't matter. Isaac stayed home to watch the Bulls NBA season opener. Halloween sure has changed at my house. And yet again we didn't have one single trick or treater.

Micon dressed in  traditional Chinese clothing for Halloween. She was very beautiful.

Happy Birthday Eric!


Eric's birthday landed on a weekend that he couldn't come home to Idaho. I decided to fly out and spend the weekend with him. I left Idaho with snow and cold, excited to enjoy the warm weather of Houston. Guess what? Houston was cold too. I had to buy a jacket. It didn't stay cold the whole time, luckily. Eric worked on Friday so I just hung out in his apartment and read a book. Saturday we woke up and went to help clean the church. We got stuck with the bathrooms. Yuck! Clogged toilet in the mens and no plunger. We spent the day driving around looking at possible areas to buy a house. We toured some very lovely model homes. We still have no idea where we are going to live. If we get a place with a little bit of land then the commute becomes an issue. If we stay close to Eric's office then we have to live in a house that has no yard and the neighbors are VERY close. We are used to 5 acres. Can we get used to having neighbors that are 10 feet away? AND can we have our bees there? Oh boy this gives me heartburn just thinking about it.
On October 27th Eric turned 51. We decided that 51 candles may cause a little catastophe so we opted for the 5 and 1.

Blowing out the candles....wait the candles are not lit! We had no matches and nothing in the Houston apartment to light them.