Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to Buhl

We decided to take a trip over the long weekend to visit Leslie (and Paige and Brent too). We arrived on Saturday. We braved the wind and cold and fed corn to the ducks that live down the lane from Paige's house. We went to Twin Falls for dinner and a little shopping much to Eric and Brent's dismay. We played Quiddler. Paige was the lucky winner. Leslie was so fun. I wish I had taken pictures of us playing in her fort. Sunday we attended their ward. They have a very friendly ward. That evening we enjoyed brownies and a game of 5 Crowns. Paige was the winner again. Maybe she was cheating...hmm. The weather wasn't very good. It was cold and windy, but on Monday we journeyed out anyway. We drove to Balanced Rock. I have always wanted to see it since I taught about it when I taught Idaho History. It was very cool. I will post pictures.

Balanced Rock from the parking area 
 Eric, Leslie, Abby, Paige, Brent and Remi ready to hike up the hill
 Marie and Abby below Balanced Rock
 Balanced Rock right at the tip of my finger
 Paige, Abby, Marie posing
 Balanced Rock
 Eric standing at the base of the rock. He was tempted to try and push it over. Can you imagine being the person that toppled Balance Rock, and ruining one of Idaho's unique landforms?

Eric and Abby decending the hill. Another view of the rock. 

We had a fun time. I wish we were closer so I could seem the more often. I guess I can't complain too loudly about 3 could be worse...We only get to see Bailey's family once or twice a year..Philly is too far.