Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January happenings

Here are some happenings in the Robertson home during the month of January.
My parents and my Aunt Marilyn came to visit for a night. It sure was good to see them.
Miles and Kay Grandma

Miles with Kay Grandma and Jesse Grandpa. Miles liked to steal Grandpa's cane.

Chef Miles...helping his mom make cookies.

Bailey and Miles...Our little Celtics fan.

Rudolph...Miles went to the dentist with me. He was so excited to go to the playroom that he tripped and fell and got a rug burn on his nose.

Abby's senior pictures arrived. We got her in the frame and put her on the Senior wall.

January 25 was Micon's 17th birthday. She had a little party with friends from school and some other Taiwain exchange students that live in Rexburg. The evening was filled with Just Dance 4 and a scary movie that didn't get watched all the way  because they got too scared. I think Micon is thinking of her wish in this picture.

Eric was able to come home twice this month. I was really surprised that he made it in the first time. SLC got a ton of snow. He always flies into SLC and then catches a connecting flight to Idaho Falls. The flight usually gets in at 10:45 pm, but this time it was midnight. We are glad he made it. Then on Sunday evening when he was supposed to fly out the flight was cancelled. (I was happy since that meant an extra day together). He was not happy to miss work. This past weekend was his second trip home. Again he was able to fly into SLC, but the flight was delayed so he missed the last connecting flight. Delta in Houston said they would put him up, but Delta in SLC said they wouldn't since the delay was weather related and there were no vacancies due to the Sundance Film Festival. Needless to say he spent a very uncomfortable night in the SLC airport. He said it was very noisy. He then caught a shuttle to Idaho Falls. So we finally got him home on Friday at noon. During church on Sunday he received a text that his flight was cancelled and they rebooked him on a Monday night flight. (I was happy again) He was not happy to miss work again. He has to take personal days when this happens. He flew out Monday night to SLC but because his flight was delayed leaving IF he missed his flight to Houston by 2 minutes. Delta booked him on a 1 a.m. flight to Atlanta then he caught a flight from Atlanta to Houston. If this keeps up, he may just decide that coming home is too hard. On a happy note...he passed his fourth bagpipe test and only has one more to go. He hopes to get that one passed off in February and then he can join a bagpipe band in Houston.
I have had two realtors out to do market analysis on the house, and to "apply" for the job of being our realtor. I haven't gotten the reports yet. I liked both of them so I may have to put their business cards in a hat and draw one. The realtor in Houston is sending us some listings. I guess this means things are starting to get serious. Isaac, Miranda, Abby and I are going to Houston for spring break. We (Eric and I) hope to get a home picked out then.
I have enjoyed having Bailey and Miles here. Chad is driving their stuff from Philly right now. They will move to Paige's house at the end of the week. My house will be so quiet. Miles adds a lot of good noise.