Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I realized today that a lot of things bug me. So to just get it off my chest I decided to write them down and then think of the good side of things.

1. BAD -It bugs me when people rinse their plates in the sink and then don't rinse the food down the disposal. GOOD -At least they carried their plate over from the table and 95% of the time they load it in the dishwasher.
2.BAD - Open cupboard doors. Just shut them! GOOD -There is no good side to this one.

3. BAD -Silverware in the wrong slots in the drawer. GOOD - Someone other then me attempted to unload the dishwasher.

4. BAD People popping gum. I can do it, but for some reason it bugs me when others do it. GOOD - I am trying to stop popping my gum.

5. BAD - Just when I get on a good schedule for exercising something sidelines me. (thanks diverticulitis this week) GOOD - modern medicine (antibiotics) will have me all fixed up in a day or two.

6. BAD Internet problems...and then waiting on the phone to talk to the technical support people. GOOD - I have talked to some very nice, friendly, helpful people.