Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random thoughts

1. Not all Root Beer is created equal. Shasta root beer is the worst!!
2. Why is this 50 year old still breaking out with zits? I mean come on!!
3. I have some fantastically talented friends in Texas that totally rock at home decorating. That is           definitely NOT my forte. Those sweet ladies went and staged our home that has been on the                 market for nearly 9 months and it looked so good. I loved it. I also realized that I basically suck at       home decor. Oh well, I think I have talents in other areas....I'll have to think what they are??
4. I miss mountains!
5. I'm tired of this hot summer. Heat index over 100 for too many days. I'm melting....
6. There is possibly light at the end of the house selling tunnel. Counteroffer is on the table. I could         feel happier about that news if we hadn't had to drop the price so dang much just to get some               lookers.
7. Collecting permission forms for our youth for youth conference and YW camp is killing me. There      has to be a better way.
8. Hot bread just out of the oven is divine.
9. The girls running in the 1500m olympic trials don't wear very much.

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