Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome home Miranda!

February was a big month for our family. After serving an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, our daughter, Miranda returned home. Miranda thought that only Eric and I were going to meet her at the airport and that she would fly to Idaho later to see all of her siblings. What she didn't know was we had schemed to have everyone here in Texas when she got home. Grandma Flash (Eric's mom) arrived February 4th. Paige, Brent and their 3 little girls along with Abby drove to Boise and met up with Isaac and Kandace. They all flew together from Boise. Bailey, Chad and their 2 little boys flew out of Pocatello. They all met up in Salt Lake and flew on the same flight to Texas on February 6. If your counting that is 15 people including Eric and me. The logistics of transporting that many people and luggage takes some planning. We ended up renting a 12 passenger van and also using our car. So much fun! Our surprise didn't go exactly as planned because Miranda's flight status was not updated correctly and we ran into Friday night traffic on the way to the airport. Most of us were there, but a few were still parking the van when she walked into the airport. She was still surprised.
We had a fun weekend together. Some of the gang had to go back to Idaho for jobs and school. Paige, Bailey, Abby , Grandma Flash and the kids stayed in Texas for awhile.
The Whole Gang

Nieces and Nephew with a sign for Mindy

Meeting Oliver for the first time

Meeting Lela for the first time



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