Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Big Changes for us!

OOOOklahoma...where the wind comes sweeping down the plain..

Back in August Eric started looking for a new job. We were really tired of him living in Kuwait and me in Texas (and he had the boss from Hell). Some very fortunate circumstances, and when I say fortunate circumstances I really mean blessings from heaven,  fell into place and he ended up getting hired by GE Global Research. His time with his old job ended at the beginning of September, but we hadn't been given the official offer from GE so we spent a few months
enjoying being together (retirement preview..we'll be fine!)  but very nervous about being unemployed (grateful we were prepared by following council to avoid unnecessary debt). Finally the official offer arrived and we signed on the dotted line. We put our home on the market and moved to Oklahoma City. We left 4500 square feet and moved into an 816 square foot apartment. Needless to say I am very anxious for our house to sell so we can move our stuff here and get into something a little larger with a yard for the dog and get the bees moved up here.

Oklahoma is a slower pace than Houston. We like that. The people in both places are some of the nicest people we've ever met, but there definitely is a different mentality. Okies are way more relaxed!! In our search for a home we have noticed that even in planned neighborhoods the people have individuality. Everyone doesn't  have to have the same shrubs in the front yard and two live oaks planted 12' feet apart..ok, I'm being a little sarcastic.

 Eric's new job is going to be awesome for him. He gets to go back to his research roots which he is very excited about. Yesterday he met his big boss and found out that he remembered Eric from his days at the Idaho National Lab and from a technical conference that Eric helped organize and presented a paper. That was fun for him to learn about that connection from his INL days.

We are loving the cooler weather. It is nice to walk outside and have it feel like fall. We have experienced two tornado warnings already. That part is not very fun. One of those was actually when we were driving here. I was following Eric and I kept hearing weather reports on the radio about a storm which included a tornado watch and softball size hail. Eric thought we were in front of the worst of it, but then I hear on the radio that the storm was crossing Interstate 35 between mile markers 83 and 84. Guess where we were?? We were able to exit the interstate and park under a parking awning so we were protected from the hail which only ended up being dime sized.

The only Cowboys we are going to root for are the Wyoming Cowboys. Not becoming Sooner or University of OK Cowboy fans!! We may consider becoming Thunder fans. Life is good! We love that we are able to have these adventures. It is really fun to experience new people, climates, flora and fauna.

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